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Anaequip Medical provides quality products and services to all areas of Healthcare Including Acute, Aged Care, Allied Health & Laboratory. Our professional sales and service team enable us to support you in all aspects of our product range.

Our Service Department maintains a large range of Medical Gas and Electrical Safety Test Tagging equipment.

Intubrite blades

New Products

IntuBriteā„¢ manufactures its uniquely designed laryngoscope blades from surgical-grade, stainless steel. These are custom-fitted with a proprietary array of UV and White LED bulbs.

Key Partners

Capsa Solution, Rapini, GM, Mindray, Southern Cross, Atom, Salter, Reister, VBM, Seers Medical,<br /> Hausted, Transmotion, Soluscope, Precision Medical, ERLAB, Smeg, Malmet, Meiko.