Anaequip Medical Warehouse 3
513 Grand Junction Rd, Wingfield SA 5013
Phone_ 08.8382.4855 Fax_ 08.8382.4866
iso 9001

Anaequip Medical provides quality products and services to all areas of Healthcare Including Acute, Aged Care, Allied Health & Laboratory. Our professional sales and service team enable us to support you in all aspects of our product range.

Our Service Department maintains a large range of Medical Gas and Electrical Safety Test Tagging equipment.

Intubrite blades

New Products

IntuBrite™ manufactures its uniquely designed laryngoscope blades from surgical-grade, stainless steel. These are custom-fitted with a proprietary array of UV and White LED bulbs.

Key Partners

Capsa Solution, Rapini, GM, Mindray, Southern Cross, Atom, Salter, Reister, VBM, Seers Medical,<br /> Hausted, Transmotion, Soluscope, Precision Medical, ERLAB, Smeg, Malmet, Meiko.

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Anaequip Brand is now part of the Paragon Care Group.

The acquisition of Anaequip is consistent with Paragon’s strategic growth plan of increasing its geographic reach through complimentary acquisitions and organic growth. Anaequip has strong relationships with leading Australian medical product brands and South Australian healthcare providers, fast track ing Paragon’s regional growth in South Australia, and increasing its nation-wide presence

Paragon Care has emerged as a leading provider of equipment, devices and consumables to the healthcare market. Paragon Care is an ASX listed Company (PGC) which has progressively acquired businesses in the healthcare sector with a vision to be Australia’s leading supplier of medical equipment, devices and consumables.

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